Learning To Drive

Driving Lessons

Learning to drive is a rite of passage, freedom, liberty. For many youngsters, being able to drive is one of the final steps towards adulthood.

While an increasing number of urban youngsters are taking driving lessons in decreasing numbers, rural demand for driving tuition has continued to grow.

Being able to drive is, for many synonymous with freedom. Forgetting for a moment the huge costs involved with buying and insuring a car if you are a new, 17 year old driver. The first goal for many from their 17th birthday onwards is to pass their driving test.

Theory & Practical Tests

These days there are two parts to the test. Theory, which you need to pass first and then practical.

Only when you have passed both will you be rewarded with your driving licence.

There is a lot to learn. If you have never driven a car at all, you will need to learn the basics od car control, what all the levers, buttons and pedals do. If like me you ate, slept and dreamt cars from the age of 6, you may already have an idea of what everything does and indeed you may have good basic car control.

Driving round a field and passing your driving test are two different things. I know that now.

Everyone wants to learn quickly, and affordably. On that basis, it makes sense to opt for professional tuition to give you all of the skills that you need in the most efficient way.

You can learn with a parent or suitable licenced driver besides you and this can be good for getting in some practice, but for learning the correct way to drive, i.e. the ideal way to drive so that your examiner is confident that you are a good and safe driver, you should go with professional instructors. Bennetts Driving School offer experienced instructors nationwide, covering almost everywhere in the UK.

If you are in a rush to pass your test then you can book an intensive driving course. Intensive driving courses are all day courses, for several days or a week or more in a row, followed at the end by your tests. Ask https://intensivedrivingcourses-bennetts.co.uk/ for a quote for your circumstances.

You will need to be assessed before you start to see how long you will need for your course, but it is a very efficient way to cram all your training and practice into a short period of time.