Caught Driving Without A License

Driving Without A License

Driving without a license in the UK is a serious offence, and rarely is a “stand-alone” one, usually carrying with it other offences.

There is rarely an excuse if this happens, because even if a driver comes from the other side of the world, he must be aware, to a greater or lesser extent, that a driving license is a basic requirement.

The simplest example of being caught, would be the most flagrant violation of the law, for instance, a person not having passed a driving test, driving with no supervision or the right to do so whatsoever.

If the driver has no license then it is highly unlikely that he will have motor insurance either, which compounds the charge with the separate offence of driving without insurance.

The police and courts take a very serious view of this, mainly because of the potential jeopardy other road users would be put in.

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There are offences related to licenses which are of a slightly different nature, those of categories of vehicle, and driver entitlement.

A driver who qualifies for a basic motor car license, as all car drivers must initially, will not be entitled to drive an HGV (heavy goods vehicle) or PSV (public service vehicle), for example, and will have to pass various different tests to qualify for differing categories of driving license.

A learner driver must have a provisional license and be accompanied by a license holding adult whilst behind the wheel. They must also have “L” plates on display.

If you have had your driving license taken away by the courts and are caught driving whilst under a ban, the authorities take it very seriously, as you are directly ignoring a court order.

So, driving without a valid driving license is an offence, and the penalty for the basic offence is 3 to 6 penalty points and a fine, possibly up to £1,000.

Penalty points on the license when you don’t have a license? The DVLA have a facility to record penalty points, and even foreign drivers with no UK license will have points recorded and accumulated there.