SEO & Website Marketing


This is the cover-all term for a number of activities which are all aimed at increasing and upholding search traffic referrals to promote web sites.

Google is by far and away the predominant search engine in the UK, and handles around 90% of UK enquiries.

The basic idea is that you put a word or a phrase into Google that describes what you’re looking for, then you pick the result that seems the best or most useful for your search.

As an example, suppose your search is for tractors. You want to find the machine you want, for whichever purposes suit best.

The search engine does its best to find you the most accurate and most relevant results, and any dealer selling tractors ideally wants to be the first name you come to in your search.

Getting these aims together is the job of search engine optimisation. Professional SEO firms such as use various tactics to push the website higher on the list of results, making the likelihood of choice much higher.

Having achieved success with the site doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a job done and finished, it is an active process. In common with most marketing, SEO is continually ongoing.

It frequently alters and what is a proven formula for one site doesn’t necessarily mean it will work on another.

Search engines are “intelligent”, and speedy, but for certain aspects, they need a helping hand. Although the likes of Google are constantly working to improve their technology to scour the web and turn up better results for users, they have certain limitations.

Using good SEO – can up your visitor rate, web traffic and visibility, and as well as making content available to search engines, help boost rankings, so content will be placed where searchers are more likely to find it. are Specialist Plumbers SEO Consultants.

The internet shows no sign of slowing down its growth and associated competitiveness, and those who actively engage SEO will have the advantage of ratings and customers.